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Re: I did it.

Posted by Chris on 2011-01-21 00:05:30, Friday
In reply to Re: I did it. posted by Hikaru on 2011-01-19 22:43:15, Wednesday

Right now I mostly play electric guitar and once in a while I play the mandolin. And now I also play the harmonica. With the electric guitar I put in some fills here and there, wherever they will fit. Which works because we do a lot of contemporary stuff in our church. Once in a while (not nearly enough) they let me wail on a guitar solo. I actually got to do that last Sunday as well. I kind of do the same thing with the mandolin, mostly fills and such. You should hear what that sounds like on some of the slower songs, it adds a nice touch. The guitar is my main instrument and I kind of dabble in the mandolin. I just started learning the harmonica but I am learning it really fast, actually surprising myself, so it looks like that will be my second best instrument sometime soon. I wish I had a better voice but the only time I sing in front of the church is for special music once in a while. I have a group of friends, some of whom are in a regular band...all are Christians even though their band is not...and for special music we take classic rock tunes and re-write them to make them Christian songs. Believe it or not we have done Joe Walsh's song "Rocky Mountain Way" (re-written as "Rockin' God's Way") and George Thourogood's song, "Bad To The Bone" (also re-written but with the same title), among others. The first time we did it I was scared to death that no one would like it, but they just about gave us a standing ovation! And after that they have just loved it every time we would do it. Oh, another song we did was Grand Funk Railroad's song, "Some Kind of Wonderful". We got the whole church clapping with that one, it was great. Hey, who says church has to have boring, outdated music?


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