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Posted by Godspell on 2010-12-13 16:26:37, Monday
In reply to Re: I THINK Stephen King is a BL posted by Rainboy on 2010-12-13 14:34:30, Monday

Desperation is a good example. One of the sub themes of boys in SK books is that they have some special quality and either lead the group to safety or play some integral role even if not a main character. One example of this is the boy in 'The Stand'. In the book (but not the movie) the boy has slight ESP and it plays an important role in several scenes. He is the only character other than Mother Abigail and Randall Flag who is attributed any kind of supernatural abilities. That is common in SK books for kids to have some unexplained supernatural ability, even if just some sixth sense that adults do not have.

You touched on some other themes that are very prevalent in SK books in your post I did not talk about because it was not the topic of my post. Alcoholism, religion, and characters who are writers are in many many of his books as well. All three of these things are also central topics to Stephen King himself as well.

I think that fact strengthens my argument that he is a BL since these three very common themes in his books are known to be important to him so other themes that are as common, or more so, are also probably important to him. Given that boy related themes are as common or more than writer, alcoholism, and religion it means to me that boys are also central to him. I know adult men who would say they like kids who I do not think are BLs but it seems to me that they are more central to SK than that, enough to say I think there is a very good chance he is a BL.

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