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Re: Worst pranks

Posted by Chris on 2010-11-26 20:09:45, Friday
In reply to Worst pranks posted by Dakota on 2010-11-25 05:58:36, Thursday

Can you believe there are people who actually think something like that is funny? That's terrible! I don't blame you a bit, I would like to punch the father too, and I didn't even see the show. What the hell goes through people's heads, anyway? He's just a nine year old boy for God's sake and he was probably so proud of what he did and when his parents gave him that phony cake (before he cut into it, he probably thought they were just so proud of him, too). I hate to imagine how he felt or what he thought when he cut into it and found out it was just a big joke. I know, a lot of people think, "Oh it's just a harmless little joke...why make a big deal out of it...etc". Why? because it was a big deal to that poor kid, that's why! Yeah, that kind of thing just burns my #@$% too.


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