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That just makes my blood boil

Posted by Hikaru on 2010-11-25 22:56:18, Thursday
In reply to Worst pranks posted by Dakota on 2010-11-25 05:58:36, Thursday

I'm not a fan of pranks in general. Fun at someone else's expense is not something I really like, unless it is in a situation where it could be reasonably expected, and it's not going to hurt anyone's feelings. Doing that to a little boy is just wrong. Even if they had a real cake afterward, he would still be hurt.

Pedophiles are not monsters. We never were and never will be. We are only treated as such because a lot of people are making a profit off of the child abuse industry. Anyone who doesn't realize this is a just a dumb sheep; unfortunately that comprises most of society in the English-speaking world.

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