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Charlie St. Cloud

Posted by Chris on 2010-11-19 22:34:02, Friday

Last weekend I noticed that there was going to be a late night showing of Charlie St. Cloud so I decided to go. I have been wanting to see this movie for a while now and when they finally got the DVD's at our local rental place, they were all rented out every time I went there. So lucky for me the theater was going to show it again. Anyway, besides the fact the whole theater was teaming with young teenage girls who couldn't decide whether it would be more fun to text their friends, talk and laugh loudly, or watch the movie, it was an excellent experience. Zac Efron stars as Charlie and 12 year old (?) Charlie Tahan stars as his young brother, Sam. The story is about how the older brother copes with the death of his younger sibling. The brothers are very close and the actors expertly portray this closeness throughout the movie. Charlie is so grieved by the loss of his brother that he takes a job as a caretaker at the cemetery where he is buried. Then the boy either comes back as a ghost or spirit OR he is a figment of Charlie's imagination, I still don't know exactly which but both ideas would work in the story perfectly.

This is an excellent movie as it explores the love between brothers as well as the subjects of death and loss. It is not a sad movie by any means, even though there is sadness in it. It is touching and very well done. Check it out.


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