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That was not my only addiction.

Posted by Anonymous Speaker on 2010-11-15 02:02:41, Monday
In reply to Re: Strange how this works. posted by Chris on 2010-11-13 22:51:56, Saturday

I was addicted to attention. I was addicted to sympathy, and I often lied, cheated and exaggerated to get it. I was so self-centered that I disregarded the pain of everybody else around me. That was not a very happy way of living for me.

I would be lying if I said I completely transformed into a saint who never slips up. But being attentive and keeping my relationship with God as completely honest and free of bullshit as possible has worked wonders.

Many people actually like being around me these days. That sure beats the days when I was driving everybody away from me with my selfish dramatics.

For the first time in my life, I feel hope. That hope comes from the knowledge that I was not put here for the sole purpose of self-destruction. I no longer have to live the way I used to. That kind of freedom is something I thought I would never have, but I am living it now.

Thanks for the welcome. I think I might stick around and see if I can make myself useful around here - as useful as I can be in my Anonymous state, that is.

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