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I love your response!! Good Job Brother!

Posted by Billy207 on 2010-11-14 21:02:56, Sunday
In reply to Christianity starts with forgiveness posted by Eldad on 2010-11-13 09:18:46, Saturday

-Quote- You Said, "it's about changing the tape recording that we play in our heads...

Welcome aboard. I hope you find this board as helpful as many others have over the years; it never ceases to amaze me how many come here deeply miserable and yet after a bit of time with us do experience a real change in attitude." -End Quote-

I wanted to but my two cents with what you said. You described changing the tape recording playing in our heads? That is exactly what it took for me to stop being self-condemning. I remember the light went on in my head that, just like you said, God has forgiven us so "Who am I!!" to condemn myself? So now I embrace myself as a pure being in the sight of God because "There is now no condemnation." God sent his son not to condemn the world but, to save the world. God loves us all now. Not only when we are not sinning, but even now while we are sinning.

Check this out: Old Testament, Father Abraham= Hastened his promise from God to have a son. So he screwed his maidservant!! Noah= a Drunkard, after the ark landed he wasted no time to grow a vineyard, got smashed and passed out naked on the floor in his tent! LOL How about David= Man whore! He was on his roof top and spotted a pretty lady, so he had her husband put at the front-line of battle on purpose so he would be killed and he persued her after that! Moses= Murderer. He killed someone supposing that God would make a provision in his favor.

My point is that all these people we preach as "Great men of God" were human and sinners! Yet God still used them to accomplish amazing things. We look at their accomplishments and we don't dwell on their sin. God is the same now as then, He is good all the time, He doesn't Lie which means he has to keep his word. Get that into your heart and start living a life of freedom and not one of self-contempt.

This turned into a long post so I will save the rest of my story for another time!

So, believe it brother! Sit down, relax, have a coke and a smile! And know "Who you are" in Christ!


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