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Allow me to introduce myself...

Posted by Billy207 on 2010-11-12 04:34:38, Friday

My name is Billy207. But please, call me Billy! I have been off and on in the BL online community for a very long time, Starting since I was in my late teen years. I have posted before but under different aliases over the years.

I am back again *grin*! I have dubbed CBLF as my home since this is the first place I discovered it along time ago. I found it one day when I was searching the internet for bible verses and stories related to my BL orientation. So anyway, I stumbled across CBLF.

Over the years for one reason or another I became active and then like others drop off the face of the earth. I mean there were reasons such as No access to the internet. Fear I might get caught. Life in general pulling me away! I'm sure you can imagine all the different reasons.

So anyway, I want to become more active and have a more online presence related to BL for the following reasons:

1. I feel very lonely as a BL. It's not easy being like this and it's nice to have good people like minded as myself to commune with.

2. I have felt a sense of family interacting and reading everybody's post about their struggles and success dealing with this Orientation.

3. I am most definitely Christian and a BL! I have finally become comfortable in my own skin accepting my faith and Orietation. I have been able to reconcile the two so I feel good about myself, confident, and now feel spiritually adequate enough to help others. So this place is very suiting for me.

4. We are not bad as the media says. They portray people who do bad things to justify their vendetta agenda. I'm sure you know what I mean!!

I can just keep going on. so for now I will stop and if anyone has questions about me in particular or whatever feel free to reply to me or e-mail me. Good luck all!


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