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What Would You Do?

Posted by Chris on 2010-11-06 19:11:17, Saturday

Last night I was watching a T.V. show called "What Would You Do?". It is on ABC although I can never remember exactly what time, so sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don't. It is an exceptional program so now I am going to try to plan on seeing it every week. Last night was one of the most interesting episodes I have seen so far. What they do on this show is set up fake situations in public using actors to see how people will react. They want to see if people will get involved or not. Last night one of the episodes was about a father taking his son into a bar (kind of a restaurant/sports bar where families can go and eat) and proceeds to get very drunk. Some of the other diners get involved, most do not. Then they try the same thing using a woman actor and a young boy actor as her son. Surprisingly a few more people were willing to get involved when it involved a woman. Or maybe it isn't too surprising, I don't know. But it really made me thing, "What would I do?". I am pretty sure I would probably get involved if only to follow the man and his son out the door and tell him I will call the police if he tries to drive away with the boy in his intoxicated state. Of course you have to be kind of careful with a man who is drunk because they can be really unpredictable.

What would you do if you were in the same situation? It really does make you think. I have linked the URL for the program page below in case anyone would like to watch the program. It isn't too difficult to find it on the Web Site. I hope it is ok to link to this.


• ( http link )

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