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Ethyl Quayle -ism perspective (academonic)

Posted by Kristofor on 2010-11-04 20:37:16, Thursday
In reply to Re: dreams posted by Cat on 2010-11-04 04:31:34, Thursday

According to highly influential British academic Ethyl Quayle, ChickChick, your dreams are sexual exploitation (see link for details):

"In this paper the term ‘sexual exploitation’ refers to activities that may include sexual abuse of children but may also refer to activities where no such abuse has taken place but where the very nature of the activities violates the very essence of childhood."

Your dreams are a kind of virtual - as opposed to real - child pornography, and thus this sentence applies to them:

"the crime of possession, making or distribution of child pornography (whether virtual or not) is a crime not only against a particular child, but against all children. It is a crime against childhood as a universal."

Thus you are engaged in nocturnally raping every single child who lives now or has ever lived on this earth.

Since you have abused me as a former child, I request my $100,000 in compensation as soon as possible.

Well, that's what society would want me to say, anyways.

My real opinion is that it is no biggie and you needn't worry. What it really shows is that you're getting enough hours of sleep to have a decent period of REM sleep, where dreams take place. That's very healthy.

• ( http link ) The Essence of Childhood Violated - Ethyl Quayle ...

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