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unnatural nature

Posted by Kristofor on 2010-10-30 00:07:02, Saturday
In reply to Two wk old discussion on “unnatural behaviour” posted by William on 2010-10-29 22:19:54, Friday

My only comment is on this:

Blackstone: If pedosexuality is a natural human condition just like homosexuality

Dakota: It's not proven or accepted that homosexuality is a natural human condition. Much depends on your definition of "natural" human condition. If by natural you mean that the individual does not choose to be such, then by that definition it's natural. But if you mean that this is a condition that is in God's perfect plan, then many would say this is not natural. I need glasses to see properly. But I don't consider bad eyesight a natural condition.

Kr: One can't have it both ways - nature either refers to the scientifically recognized milieu or to the Platonic ideal concept (even if that is taken as reinterpreted by St. Paul).

In scientific nature, the only one I recognize, good eyesight is the optimal form of an evolved condition and bad eyesight is its less optimal form. Good eyesight is not God's perfect plan for eyesight, which many people can do without (as can many entire species). Nor is bad eyesight unnatural - skunks are terribly myopic but they are as natural as can be.

I can see what Paul is grasping at with his ideas of things being with and against nature (for example, long hair in men being against nature) - he is assimilating Platonic-type Ideas with levitical monotypies (mentioned in a topic a few days ago here). His comments do not imply that there is a structured perfect divine plan stereotypically programmed out for people. Our Christian duty - and highest pleasure - is to love our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourself. That encompasses all the law and the prophets. The 'divine plan' add-on that so interests people concerned with social order and personal discipline is a non-biblical superstition. Such a superstition cannot be used to exclude loving relationships from blessedness. Adulterous relationships may be said to contravene 'love your neighbor as yourself,' since they require de-loving and shoving aside your original partner. (Though, as most pastors have tacitly recognized, marital breakdowns and divorces are pretty hard to prevent completely). But well constituted relationships that injure no one and take unfair advantage of no one should not be obstructed by a concept that is based on taking Paul's minimal use of Grecian philosophical verbiage and using it to corral all Christians into a world structured around Platonic Idealism. Christian Platonic Idealism, God's-plannism, to me, is not a valid argument against same-sex relationships.

That's my own view, but first and foremost, I love and respect my fellow Christians regardless of their viewpoint on this.

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