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Pedophile panic is marking our men as bad

Posted by Godspell on 2010-10-28 00:39:58, Thursday

"WHEN did we start to dislike men so much that we're happy for them not to be part of our children's lives? That's the question posed by the latest ridiculous assault on the integrity of all males.

It comes in the form of a ban on schoolboys using a public pool change room after swimming lessons because men fear they will be falsely accused of pedophilia.
Of course, the fact that many men support that decision is understandable; any man now knows he is automatically viewed with suspicion.
That's why our children might sneak through the entire education system now without a male teacher.
It's why men stopped jogging along bike tracks, when the city was on the lookout for the bikeway rapist.
It's why airline staff try not to seat adult males next to children.
And it's why most fathers I know won't supervise their young daughters' play dates, unless there is a female adult present."

• ( http link ) Pedophile panic is marking our men as bad

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