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Bad News Bears

Posted by Dakota on 2010-10-16 22:06:45, Saturday

I watched The Bad News Bears again on TBS this morning. The remake, not the original. While watching it, I was struck by how politically correct everything is these days. Instead of calling it a remake, they should call it the "Lite" version. It was so tame that it was almost funny in a way it wasn't trying to be. Billy Bob Thorton, while being a decent actor, still is no Walter Matheau. And the girl who played Amanda was CERTAINLY no Tatum O'Neal. But the whole movie was so watered down.

A few examples: When the runner ran into Amanda at the plate to score, he merely bumped hard into her instead of spiking her in the boobs as in the original. Kinda takes a lot of the meanness out of the play. Then in retaliation, one of the Bears punched the offending player instead of kicking him in the groin. Rather tame. When the opposing coach got mad at his pitcher son, he knocked his hat off and pushed him instead of slapping him. I guess we can't see behavior that is too abusive to kids anymore in movies. Even at the end they managed to squeeze in one more PC moment. The beer Buttermaker gave the kids to celebrate was non-alcoholic. Sigh. I guess they just don't make movies like they used to.


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