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Re: The Boy I-M-ago

Posted by Darkness on 2008-01-01 15:42:56, Tuesday
In reply to Re: The Boy Iago posted by Godspell on 2008-01-01 02:02:22, Tuesday

Greetings Master Godspell from the depths.

The term I use here is "Boy Imago"
It was part of my education from the great master Didaskalos who wrote about it on this very forum some long months ago. I note that it predates the archives therefore I will quote the wisdom for us once more since it was such a gem.

My love

"--- DIDASKALOS TEACHES BOY-LOVE 101: --- (10 Sept 06)

Today, Didaskalos gives some tips for dealing with the Holy Boy Imago. (HBI)
MOST IMPORTANT THING: show respect to him for what he is, and don't expect him to be what he's not. HE'S NOT A REAL BOY!!!!
Do not worship him (he's not god) and Do not try to grab him for sex.
Treat him like a lost kid, crying, in a park. Do not try to take him home with you: instead, ask him where his parents are. They will be very glad to see him again. If necessary, if he's crying or being rowdy, or being sexually provocative (because he WILL DO whatever it takes to get your attention!) ask him in stern tones where his Father is. And be sure to say Father with a CAPITAL EFF, to remind yourself and him that he is not the authoritative one!
Having the HBI is what makes you a BL. Don't expect him to be a youthful problem, or phase that goes away. The general testimony from BL's is that the HBI is a life-long companion. Always treat him with respect. If you are savage and rude to him, and use him for sex and throw him away, then you can expect him to take his revenge on you, and there will be emotional bitterness...until you apologize to God, and God allows him to come back.

Do not put his image on porn. He flys away from that. You can collect 100,000 porn images on your hard drive, and every time you try to trap him by collecting an image, he will fly away.

--Relationship between HBI and traditional Christian imagery.--

This is a topic I would like to lecture on for an hour!

On the one hand, the HBI is what makes us BL's; in the pagan days, like-minded Ancient Greek guys would get together and make their own cult of Apollo to express their feelings towards their (collective) HBI. All kind of great statues, poetry, rituals, etc. came out of that. We Christians can't do that. We have to work within the Bible's categories, and categorize the HBI as "soul," the Bible's "psyche," but as a distinctive kind of soul that we have and other people don't. (Which is not to say that we're allowed to call them "Cement-headed straight clowns!" LOLOLOL!)
You call the HBI your "younger self." Yeah; he's definitely a part of you, and he definitely looks like a younger guy. But think of him this way: your feet are the part of you that are adapted (sturdy, tough, well-balanced) to interact with the EARTH; the HBI (angelic, sweet, flirty relational!) is the part of you that's adapted to connect to God. If you trace with your hand your legs, your ankles, your feet, your shoes, you eventually come to the place where your BODY stops, and EARTH begins. Same thing the other way. If you trace with a finger in your imagination where your functions of WILLING, KNOWING, and LOVING are, (what we call, "heart," "mind," etc.) you'll start with the physical organs, but you'll keep going until you discover where your body ends and "God" and "heaven" and "soul" and "HBI" begin. It's a continuum: God, of course, is WHOLLY OTHER (say the theologians) and so is FARTHEST AWAY from us; but the HBI, while definitely connected to the world of spirit, is also very definitely a personal part of Youth. And, since the soul is somewhat like a connecting cable going between Youth's Heart and God, the Soul is THE WAY that God is in the heart of Youth, and in everybody else's heart, too! (They used to say in the Middle Ages that the soul was connected to the body "with tiny little nails!" and that "God is a circle whose center is everywhere and outer rim nowhere.) And, of course, if your HBI gets into trouble, You Know Who is always there to save him!

There is, of course, a strong connection between your HBI and your penis. Most BL's recognize that they are "different" when they get a boner in the middle-school shower! It's like a crazy fun-houe full of mirrors: your HBI is EVERYWHERE, looking back at you! Fortunately, God provides a very clear and strong model for what he wants in that department: circumcision. Does it hurt, giving up your HBI to God? It sure as hell does, just like it hurts getting part of your dickhead cut off with a flint knife. Whenever your HBI comes up to you, all flirty-eyed, and says, "How about just YOU and ME go off somewhere and have some fun?" then you say say with calm authority: "You don't belong to me; you belong to God. Do your job, and lead me to God, or tell me the message God wants me to hear." If you try to grab him, you will make him cry, and he will fly away from you. Remember: an HBI that is not plugged in to God is like a computer that is not plugged in to the internet; it can't do very much. Being uncircumcized, having a "whole, natural penis!!" (as they say) is "good" from the point of view of ONE SET OF FEELINGS, but if you want to be plugged in to God, you have to "follow the instructions."

Last advice: NEVER, EVER, EVER confuse your HBI with a real boy! That could lead you to do things that might ruin your relationship with both.
Recognize your HBI when he comes up in dreams, rescue fantasies, sex fantasies, relationships with your nephews/cousins, religious imagery, movies, wherever. Identify him; name him; greet him; (Hello HBI! Yesterday you were hiding in Joey, today you're hiding in Sammy, but I know who you are!) (Cuz HBI LOVES hide-and-seek!) The thing is, when you take the HBI OFFFFFFF OF Joey and Sammy, then you get to see who Joey and Sammy really are.


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